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Backyard batting cages are the perfect way to maximize hits per practice session. Nothing could be easier than letting the balls gather at the other end of the cage, ready for you to pick up and load again. If you're looking to create a powerful practice set up at home or on the field, you should consider one of our premier home batting cages and screens.

As long as your ground is flat and you've got enough space, any of our home or backyard batting cages can serve you well.

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Heater Sports Xtender Backyard Batting Cages
Heater Sports Xtender Backyard Batting Cages
$373.75 $299.00
Heater Sports PowerAlley 22 Ft. Batting Cage
Heater Sports PowerAlley 22 Ft. Backyard Batting Cage
$248.75 $199.00
Cimarron Sports Batting Cage
Cimarron Sports Backyard Batting Cage
$473.71 $378.97
JUGS Protector Series L-Shaped Screen
$746.25 $597.00
Heater Sports batting cages are a fantastic choice. With the Xtender series, you can have your pick of any length you want. The best thing about the Xtender line of batting cages is that you can link up an Xtender cage with any other Xtender cage. So, you can start with one length now and double the length later when you're ready to step up your game with a longer "home plate" distance. It's really a backyard batting cage that can grow with you.

The Jugs freestanding cage is also very popular for home and orginizational use. It's one of the easiest full size batting cages to set up, because anybody can do it even without any tools.

The Cimarron Sports home batting cage is packed with value for the money. You can save considerably when you buy the Cimarron batting cage. If you don't mind running to the local Home Depot or Lowes for the poles, then this is the batting cage for you.

Also, don't forget a good batting screen. If you plan to have an individual manually feeding the practice balls, then a protective screen is something you should consider. The most popular batting practice screens are from Jugs. These rectangular and L-shaped screens are all very low cost as well as easy and quick to set up. You can pick up the perfect batting screen for both baseball and softball pitching machines.

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