First Pitch Automatic Ball Feeder
First Pitch Automatic Ball Feeder

First Pitch Automatic Ball Feeder

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To keep those perfect pitches coming from your new First Pitch machine, you'll need to get the automatic ball feeder.

Perfectly Timed Releases

Expect to swing every 8-10 seconds. This is very reasonable rhythm to get into. You have time to take a swing and then evaluate your technique. You can re-position as you want. 

Big Carrying Capacity

For your convenience the ball feeder is able to carry 16 baseballs and up to 12 softballs. You can feed cricket balls as well. This should set up the average person for a good practice session. All sizes of balls fit quite snugly and are fed smoothly into your pitching machine of choice. 

Adjustable and Efficient

It couldn't be easier to position the feeder however you need. It's very sleek and relatively easy to move around and maintain. 

Compatible Machines

The auto ball feeder will work seamlessly with the Baseline, Original and XL Pitching Machines using no additional parts. Additional parts are required for the Curveball, Bowler and Bowler Pro but are easy to work with. 
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