First Pitch Relief Pitcher

First Pitch Relief Pitcher

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Discount First Pitch Relief Pitcher

The Relief Pitcher by First Pitch is an affordable, versatile and lightweight pitching machine that's perfect for young players. The high-grade steel construction, pitch accuracy and ability to quickly switch from baseball to softball and vice versa makes the Relief Pitcher a longstanding favorite.

Top Combination Pitching Machine

This is a great option for families and organizations who have young baseball and softball players. The Relief pitcher makes it easy to convert from one setup to the other. The legs are reversible, so users only need to pop them out and insert again to raise or lower the pitching height. Setting the right size for baseballs and both 11" and 12" softballs is also easy. You can adjust the distance between the skid plate and the wheel to get the perfect compression. 

Impressive Accuracy

For this price range, the Relief Pitcher has amazing accuracy. Unlike many other pitching machine wheels, the Relief's wheel is made of solid rubber rather than air. This wheel style keeps pitches more accurate and consistent while reducing the recovery time down. You can pitch regular baseballs up to 45mph and softballs up to 40mph with simple turn of the dial on the onboard control panel. Outfield drills are also easy to set up. You can turn the T-handle to angle the release up and down to set up the Relief Pitcher to send exciting grounders, line drives and pop flies anywhere you want.

Quality Manufacturing in the USA

The Relief Pitcher packs a lot of power for only weighing 30 pounds. The handle on top and the efficient, lightweight design one make this pitching machine one of the most portable varieties today. Anybody can easily carry it to and from the field, and it's incredibly easy to transport in any vehicle.

The high-grade solid steel frame locks perfectly into place, keeping the Relief Pitcher planted firmly. The pitches are consistent, the components are reliable, and this pitching machine comes with a fantastic manufacturer's warranty, which we can offer as an authorized retailer for First Pitch. You'll be certain you made the right choice.


  • Up to 45 MPH
  • Baseball and Softball
  • Light Weight (30 lbs.)
  • No Tools Required
  • Adjustable Legs
  • Throws Real Balls (Pitching Machine Balls Recommended)
  • One Year Warranty
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