Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine by Sports Attack

Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine by Sports Attack

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  • Pitches baseballs 100+ mph
  • Available as baseball, softball or both
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Discount Hack Attack Baseball Pitching Machine by Sports Attack

Note on baseball legs: the base price for the Hack Attack comes with regular legs, but you can also choose the extended legs or both regular and extended legs from the drop down menu. To use the Hack Attack for softball as well, just check the box next to the conversion kit.

The Hack Attack Pitching Machine is a prime choice for high school teams right up to the major league. Its blueprint has and will always be informed by the insight of coaches who know the needs of today's players. The Hack has become phenomenally popular as it's on the cutting edge of pitching machine technology. For versatility, usability, and durability, the Hack is unbeatable, and it's more than up to the challenge to prepare players for real in-game batting and outfield drills.

Our 3 wheeled pitching machines are as accurate as pitching machines come. With 3 grip points on the ball, which is more like the hand of a pro pitcher, the Hack delivers amazingly accurate pitches in the strike zone every time. The urethane wheels hold up even under tremendous speed and are concave for an especially excellent and reliable grip.

Once you've locked in the pitch you want, you can count on minimal recoil from each pitch. The Hack has a wide base, and it's also heavier than average, weighing in at 135 pounds. Each wheel is 14 inches, which gives them added momentum, so they won't slow down as much as other pitching wheels right after a pitch. You release balls as fast as every 5 seconds without compromising the accuracy.

The Hack is one of the most sophisticated pitching machines today, but it's still easy to operate. For its weight and dimensions, it's surprisingly easy to assemble and move around thanks to the large, smooth transport wheels. With supervision, even younger players can operate it safely. There are ample guards in front of each spinning wheel. The balls are fed from the very top and roll down to the wheels, which puts a little more distance between the machine and operator and increases safety even more.

The Hack Attack Pitching Machine's top speed is 100mph, and you have an impressive selection of pitch types. You can easily adjust the 3 dials to put the right amount of speed and spin on every pitch to achieve realistic knuckleballs, inside and outside breaking curves, fastballs, sinkers, and more.

When you're ready to make an adjustment to the pitch direction, you won't have to kick the rear leg and pivot the whole machine to get a new release point. A couple hallmark innovations of the Hack is the pitch elevation control, located on the right side under the speed dials, as well the pivot control feature (see diagram in the images). With some simple adjustments, you can quickly and easily adjust your pitch delivery on the go. Additionally, these features are incredibly useful for performing the most rigorous, challenging outfield drills, including up to 380' fly balls!

You can count on the robust, all-American manufacturing of the Hack Attack Pitching Machine. Players can give practice everything they've got during batting practice without worry of damaging the Hack. The motor is protected by durable, high tensile strength, heat treated aluminum casting, which can stand up to the occasional hard line drive. The steel frame is rugged, powder-coated and weather resistant, ensuring your Hack Attack Pitching Machine lasts through the years.


  • Max Speed: 100mph (home plate distance of 60ft)
  • Standard legs included for both baseball and softball
  • Baseball legs release point: 50" standard, 70" for extended legs
  • Complete ball visibility from feeding to pitching
  • 3 14 inch, indestructible urethane wheels with guards
  • Easy dial control and a reference chart for pitch control
  • Minimal recoil, minimal pitch recovery
  • Large, smooth transport wheels
  • Assembled weight: 135 pounds
  • Easy release point control
  • Pitches 380' fly balls
  • Aluminum casting motor protection & powder-coated frame
What we were looking for
Highly recommended. The Hack Attack is very reliable and has been a game-changer as far as outfield drills
Reviewed by:  from Los Angeles. on 10/25/2018
Booster Club
Gold standard for team practice. Set up and use is straightforward. Pitches everything.
Reviewed by:  from Kansas City. on 7/18/2018
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