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Heater Jr. Real Baseball Pitching Machine

Heater Jr. Real Baseball Pitching Machine

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Discount Heater Jr. Real Baseball Pitching Machine

Players will love the Heater Junior Baseball Machine. This pitching machine stands out to us so much that we just had to add it. As one of our more exciting, unique and affordable machines, the Junior is a fantastic investment today. Here's what caught our attention:

Bonus Ball Feeder

You won't need a separate ball feeder for this one. As you can tell, it features an efficient, built-in automatic ball feeder. This is significant not only for saving even more money on a feeder but it's also space-efficient. The innovative spiral feeder will hold up to 12 baseballs (delivered every 10 seconds) so you can get plenty of hits.

Sturdy and Tough

While clearly a bit top-heavy, the Junior pitching machine will stay in place with the steel legs and rubber tips. Don't worry about damaging it with any direct impacts. The nylon fiberglass housing will endure high impact of hits, falling and usual wear and tear for years. You won't have to worry about break downs any time soon.

Great for Outfield Drills

A unique aspect of Heater Machines is that you can quickly and easily adjust the head to work on outfield drills. Tilt down and left or right to work on catching grounders. Tilt up for fly balls. This machine is very well rounded for helping players 7 and up practice on a variety of skills.

Safe Enclosed Wheel

Plenty of machines use spinning wheels to launch the balls, but you do have to keep safety in mind, especially with little league! The junior has a fully enclosed but nevertheless powerful wheel.

Variable Speeds

Speeds can be easily adjusted up from 15mph to 48mph. So, youths and intermediate players can have plenty of challenge to work on their skill in hitting fastballs.

Consistent Accuracy

You will get pitches above the plate every time! There is only slight deviation when using regular leather baseballs. Depending on the stitching, the spinning wheel will have slightly uneven pitches from time to time. While not a big problem, using realistic practice balls from Heater Sports, available as a dozen, is ideal. The spinning wheel will also last longer with practice balls.

Works Seamlessly with a Heater Batting Cage

Many people really enjoy setting up the Poweralley Pro or an Xtender cage in their own backyard. This and other Heater machines can be harnessed inside the cage for even more accuracy. Since the pitches are enclosed in the cage, you will multiply the number of hits you can do in an hour, making practice incredibly efficient.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Don't sweat it! If the Heater Jr. baseball pitching machine isn't everything you were hoping for, you can return it for a full refund. We know you'll love your new machine and we want you to feel confident in your purchase today.

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