Heater Sports Real Ball Combination Pitching Machine

Heater Sports Real Ball Combination Pitching Machine

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Discount Heater Sports Real Ball Combination Pitching Machine

The Real Ball Combination machine from Heater Sports is known for it's exceptional versatility. It pitches real baseballs as well as both 11" and 12" softballs. For a family with a baseball and a softball player or an organization with both teams, you can beat this pitching machine.

Impressive Speeds

The Combo machine will pitch baseballs up to 60mph and softballs up to 56mph. It's suitable for not only baseball and softball but even different skill levels. Players up to high school level can benefit from challenging practice and drills this machine affords.

Quick and easy to set up

There is a certain beauty in simplicity. After the box arrives, assembly shouldn't take more than a couple hours. The instructions are pretty streamlined and clear for anyone to follow. Simple and lightweight yet efficient, the combo machine will soon dramatically increase the effectiveness of practice, especially if used with a PowerAlley or Xtender batting cage from Heater Sports.

Great for outfield drills

We always like to remind customers that any machine is great for outfield drills as well. Plus they are an awful lot of fun to do at home, for the person catching pop flies, grounders and fly balls as well as for the person aiming the machine (perhaps a parent who appreciates not running around so much!). Put that pitching speed to good use to work on realistic fielding situations.

Optional feeder

Heater Sports is known for unique ball feeders, which, like the pitching machines, are notably very affordable and simple to use. For only $50 more, you can make practice that much more automated with a 12 ball auto feeder, which works with any ball the combo machine can pitch. It's smartly designed to feed the balls from the side while not affecting the balance or accuracy of the pitches.


Pitches real baseball, lite-balls and softballs
Pitches baseballs up to 60mph
Pitches 11" and 12" softballs up to 56mph
Sturdy construction
Adjustable for all outfield drills

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Heater Sports has the unique distinction of offering a 30 day money back guarantee as well as a 1 year warranty on every product. So buy with confidence!
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