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JUGS 101 Baseball Pitching Machine

JUGS 101 Baseball Pitching Machine

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Time and time again JUGS unveils a real game changer of a pitching machine. Like others in the product line the 101 baseball pitching machine brings unique practice value to the table while maximizing affordability, durability and versatility. For ages 12 and up, even to professional players, this machine is perfect for really focusing on those fastballs and curveballs.

A Great Complementary Machine

We understand that many organizations and teams already have a practice machine, which commonly is designed for multiple pitches. The 101 baseball pitching machine from JUGS was designed to pitch consistent fastballs and curveballs. So, for coaches who want to focus mostly on these pitches, this is a major plus. It's a great side machine to set up to keep your practice moving smoothly. Fastballs can be up to 90 mph! Curveballs break DOWNWARD to remove any anxiety developing players might have as they learn how to hit these pitches.

Compact, Lightweight, Portable

The 101 baseball pitching machine is only 107 pounds. Legs are detachable so that you can carry it and place it in a truck for transportation is quick and easy. You can set it up and break it down in record time so you can maximize practice time.

Intuitive, Easy Controls

You can control both speeds and pitches with the simple turn of the dials. You'll always be working on exactly the hits you want. The 360 degree swivel provides the option to work on defensive outfield drills as well. Players can be challenged to get those fly balls, grounders and pop-ups.

5 Year Warranty

For this and all JUGS products you purchase from us, your order is backed by a solid 5 year warranty. Order with confidence!
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