JUGS Super Softball Pitching Machine

JUGS Super Softball Pitching Machine

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The Super Softball Pitching Machine is one slick, popular piece of practice equipment. You'll see it on fields all across the country, and with good reason. From ages 8 to adult, there's something for every developing softball player.

Realistic, Challenging Pitches

You can adjust this softball pitching machine to get speeds anywhere from 15 to a staggering game speed of 75 mph. It's very, very easy to operate. You can easily read the speed on the digital display. The "always see the ball" delivery system is also a very special feature. This allows hitters to focus on what matters most - the hitting - as opposed to guessing when the pitch is coming. You can read it just like you can a human pitcher.

Lightweight and Portable

At just 75 pounds, one reasonably stout person can move the Super Softball Pitching Machine around with ease. No hurting your back is allowed! You'll need it for the game! The removable legs also make it pretty space efficient. Load it up in your truck and get it where you need it nice and quick!

Your Choice of Power

You can have your pick of the power source. The Super Softball Pitching Machine will work with a 110 volt AC, the 1000-watt Yamaha EF1000is generator or the new complete practice battery pack.

Versatile Drills

Aside from the fantastically realistic underhanded pitches, the super softball pitching machine is also excellent for working on outfield drills to keep your players well rounded and ready for anything during game time!

5 Year Warranty

We certainly can't leave out the fact that you get an unparalleled 5 year manufacturer's warranty to protect your investment. We promise your 100% satisfaction and will be here to help if any problem arises.


  • Recommended age: 8 - adult
  • Speed: 15-70mph
  • Speed adjustment: digital speed readout
  • Power source: 110v
  • Manual or automatic feed: yes
  • Weight: 75 pounds
  • 360 degree swivel: yes
  • Motor: 1/4 HP
  • 5 year warranty

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