Pitching Machine Balls

Pitching machine balls are essential for getting the most out of your new baseball or softball pitching machine. Pitching machines can pitch about anything you want, but not every type of ball is right for your machine. 

Dimpled practice balls are ideal for any pitching machine. They're more accurate and easier on the wheels as opposed to balls with raised stitching. 
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Heater Real Pitching Machine Practice Balls
Heater Sports PowerAlley Practice Ball Feeder
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First Pitch Practice Balls
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BATA Dimpled Baseball and Softball Practice Balls
$50.00 $48.00
PowerAlley 60 MPH White Lite Baseballs
$37.48 $29.99
There are basically 4 varieties of pitching machine balls to choose from: baseball, 11" & 12" softball, and "lite" baseballs.

Pitching machine balls called "real" balls have the same size and weight of regulation leather balls. So, they give you the most realistic experience to prepare for an actual game.

For younger players, there are lite balls. They fit into your baseball or softball pitching machine just fine, but they fly more slowly since they're just one-half the weight of regular baseballs.

Keep in mind, you're absolutely free to use any practice ball you may already have or you can mix and match a dozen of ours with any brand of pitching machine. In other words, the brands of your practice balls and pitching machine don't have to match. All of our pitching machine practice balls perform consistently and will last for years.

Additionally, all practice balls ship free when you buy a pitching machine!