Spinball Wizard 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

Spinball Wizard 3 Wheel Pitching Machine

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  • Pitches fastballs up to 100mph
  • Available for baseball, softball or cricket
  • Easiest pitch adjustment system today
  • Throws EVERY pitch anywhere in the batter's box!
  • Made in the USA with a 5 year warranty
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The Spinball 3 wheel pitching machine from Spinball Sports is the virtually the same pitching machine as the Rawlings 3 wheel machine. The ONLY difference is the control uses knobs rather than a digital display. Other than that, you're getting the same powerful hardware, pitch variety and speed as the Rawlings version. Both machines are stellar, but this model is $500 less, so it's ultimately up to you. Overall, for the majority of individuals and teams, we rate the Spinball 3 wheel as the #1 best value pitching machine this year.

You can set it to pitch ANYTHING - knuckleballs, sliders, left and right breaking curves, sinkers, you name it. This is achieved by controlling individual wheel speeds to send pitches anywhere in the batter's box consistently. Pitch speeds can be set anywhere from 40-100mph for every kind of pitch. Like other 3 wheel machines, you are getting a top level of pitch speed, style and accuracy than is possible with 2 wheel models.

But even better, the 3 wheel Spinball (and Rawlings) machines have a hallmark feature that makes setting all of this up dead simple and quick. On the control panel, you can set the pitch speed, spin amount and spin direction. Following the easy included instructions, anyone can switch any of these factors in seconds. So unlike even other reputable 3 wheel machines, the Spinball will do the calculations for you - eliminating the need to remember which individual wheel should have which exact speed to produce a particular pitch. This feature is one of the main reasons why Rawlings/Spinball machines have been gaining so much traction in the last few years!

This and other Spinball/Rawlings machines are some of the most accurate pitching machines today. The Spinball 3 wheel machine has a recovery time of only 3 seconds for baseballs, faster than most. The wheels are thin urethane, rather than air-filled, so their shape doesn't distort from the centrifugal force of high speeds.

The Spinball 3 wheel machine is also unbeatable in durability. Spinball Sports does pitching manufacturing right: this machine is proudly made in the USA and comes with a comprehensive 5 year warranty when you purchase through us, a certified vendor. Aside from that, you won't need to worry about any major issue. Each machine is tested before shipping out. And with some basic maintenance (mostly keeping it out of bad weather), your Spinball 3 wheel machine will go strong for years to come. The aerospace grade steel frame is lightweight and powerful, able to even withstand direct hits during batting practice.

This pitching machine easy to use and transport. Large, built-in transport are included with purchase and make wheeling it on and off the field smooth and easy. The light weight compared to similar models makes it easy to lift into the back of vehicles. Aside from making quick changes on the control panel, doing outfield drills are also easy. Loosening knobs lets you get complete control over the release point horizontally and vertically, so you can send fast grounders, line drives and pop flies to the field.

The Spinball 3 wheel pitching machine is available as baseball, softball or baseball extended/cricket. The difference for each package is simply the leg style and chute to get different release points and accommodate different sized balls. You can choose a style on its own or select a combo.


  • Quickly adjust any of 121 pitches
  • Pitches real baseballs from 40-100mph
  • Weights only 125 pounds
  • Regular baseball leg release height: 60"
  • Baseball XL/Cricket release height: 73"
  • Softball release height: 32"
  • Powerful aerospace grade steel frame
  • Made in the USA
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